Cyber Security Awareness For Your Organization.
Think Before You Click


Frank Saulsbery began a career in technology 1998 ago after studying microelectronics in college, he now owns two technology companies, sits on several advisory boards and is requested to speak regularly on cyber security awareness and digital business protection for a wide variety of industries.  

He currently resides in central Illinois, is married and has two adult children and refers to himself as a reformed technician and uses the knowledge and experiences to ensure we can all be safe citizens of the digital world. 

Frank started formally speaking five years ago when he realized the growing level of security breaches and costly down time businesses were facing every day.  With his combined experience in business and technology and with a passion to solve problems. His first step was to interview engineers and business owners in an effort to discover what worked, what didn’t and what was missing. 

What he discovered was an “awareness” disconnect between technology service providers and business operators, the technical side didn’t do a great job educating users of the cyber risks and methods to reduce those risks, the business side just assumed risk was being managed by the technicians.   

Closing this “awareness” gap became Frank’s mission, and is why his goal is to educate those everyday users in a non technical seminar.  Together we can protect ourselves from those who prey on the uniformed.