Cyber Security Awareness For Your Organization.
Think Before You Click

Avoiding Cyber risks, made simple.

 Building a human firewall with our Cyber security seminar.

In today’s technical world where private information is transferred nonstop, and with cyber criminals targeting the everyday users to gain access to your network, personal information and ultimately your company’s data. This is the reason I created this course – that is designed for end users to help them protect your company from an expensive cyber breach.

First you may questions, whether you and your staff would benefit from or even need this training. Let dive in to the common miss understandings.

We have an IT team that protects our company.
Although this may be true, they cannot watch every email, every phone call and every employee’s mouse click. For instance Spear Phishing is designed to mislead an individual into releasing or allowing a hacker to gain accesses or private information.

Our company has a firewall.
As should all businesses, firewalls are designed to perform security functions that are programmed in them. Any attacks that are not in the program are allowed access, this would include emails with attachments that are actually viruses. A trained individual could identify these types of threats.

Our employees don’t need it.
This is the biggest misconception, all computer and mobile users need to have basic training in cyber security. Most all government agencies require users to be trained, many companies send out test emails with fake viruses to check if employees respond to them. If someone does respond they are required to take this type of training. Your educated employees can be you company’s first line of defense.

Our employees won’t understand it.
Not true, the unique thing about this training is that no prior technical knowledge is needed. All information and materials are designed to be easily understood by the average user. Actually, we are even able to have some fun with it, and we have tips to create a series of complex passwords that can never be forgotten. You’ll no longer need to keep them on a sticky note under the keyboard!

With all that being said, you and your employees taking just an hour and a half of training, you can avoid falling victim to a cyber-breach and save thousands of dollars by eliminating needless downtime. Don’t wait until you’ve been a victim of a cyber-crime, or have to pay a hefty ransom, or having to notify your clients that their data has been stolen. Just click on contact us to secure your seat in this must have training!

Thank you for your time, we look forward to seeing you soon!