Cyber Security Awareness For Your Organization.
Think Before You Click

Is this for me?

That is a common question I get. The simple answer is this, if your staff use the world wide web to perform business functions then you need cyber security training.

Educating your employees to recognize common cyber threats is critical to your organization’s computer security. Security awareness training teaches employees to understand vulnerabilities and threats to business operations. Your employees need to be aware they have responsibilities and accountabilities when using any internet connected device on a business network.

If your organization becomes a victim of a cyber-related incident it can be expensive and detrimental for business. Therefore the benefits of investing in security awareness training outweigh the cost of a breach of your data, or your clients data. Some think that small businesses can avoid major hacks and breaches but that is simply not true. Since human error is the biggest problem we face, that means you are at risk. In order to drive home the urgency of cybersecurity, employees must be kept abreast of all the latest threats. Typically your in-house or vendor supplied technical team is not equipped to provide useful and understandable information, that is where we come in,

When organizations like yours make cybersecurity awareness training a priority, you are closing a large window for most common breaches. Changing employee behaviors is what will actually help stop a cyber-attack, that is why we “build human firewalls’ and is critical for business security program. It’s not enough to simply be knowledgeable about security but to implement a career-long training strategy that will help to avoid cybercrime altogether. There are constantly new threats to cyber safety, so ongoing training is essential and should be a part of the overall job training process for every employee.